Comment Policy

Unless you’re relatively new to the intertubes, you’ve probably noticed that comment sections can have a tendency to get heated. Even when you’re talking vanilla topics such which sort of Okanagan peaches you like the most or which dog park is the very best dog park in all the valley. People feel very strongly about things and when they’re protected by anonymity, they feel empowered to hurl abuse at perfect strangers. Here at GOkanagan Magazine, we’re just not cool with that. We’re here to celebrate life in the Okanagan Valley, BC and that’s it. We’re neighbours, and gosh darn it, we’re going to act neighbourly. With that in mind, here are some guidelines to follow when posting comments in the GOkanagan community:

  1. Try to stay on topic – A little veering here and there is okay but there’s really no need to be invoking Donald Trump on a post about peach cobbler. Moderators are reasonable and will tolerate good-hearted straying to some degree but it’s best to stick with discussing the topic at hand.
  2. No name-calling – That’s right kids, most of us left this behind when we graduated kindergarten but for the rest of you, this will not be tolerated. Most of the readers here on GOkanagan are adults, so let’s act like it!
  3. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and any other form of hatred towards any group of people, at all, will not be tolerated. Our community on GOkanagan should be a reflection of our community in real life, and for the most part in the Okanagan, we are loving, caring, generous neighbourly people who welcome and accept all.
  4. Spam is not tolerated. This includes selling, posting links to unrelated content, and comments that are repetitively posted or appear to serve as some form of advertisement.
  5. Constructive criticism is very welcome! We are always looking for ways to improve our website and the overall experience provided on, so unload your suggestions on us!
  6. English only please – while we have a deep love for so many languages across our wonderfully diverse globe, it’s simply better for discussion if we all use the same language. Most people in the Okanagan use English, so we’ll stick with that one for now.
  7. Links often trigger the spam filter – If you post a link in your comment, please be aware it might be a while before you see that comment live as comments with links often get caught in the spam filter and require approval. Best practice is to not post links at all.
  8. No religion or politics – we’re here to celebrate our love for where we live. That’s it. There will be posts highlighting local non-profit organizations that address certain issues, and some of those issues may be closely tied to political ideologies, but here on GOkanagan, we are going to be supportive and if we can’t be supportive, we won’t say anything at all.

We will be implementing a 3 strikes and you’re out policy, but we reserve the right to outright ban people right away based on the severity of their policy-break. Overall, we just really want our community members to have fun here on GOkanagan. If you have any questions or concerns about our comment policy, please email us here: 


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