Advertising launched in September of 2018. Being as we’re still the new kid on the block, we’ve yet to be able to compile consistent website traffic stats. Stick around though, and we’ll have some stats to show you!

In the meantime, there are several ways to advertise on

  1. Banner ads – Banner ads are available sitewide, in-content, on the homepage and in the sidebar.
  2. Text links – Text links can be placed within the content of posts, pages as well as in the sidebar, sitewide.
  3. Newsletter ads – The GOkanagan Newsletter gets sent out once per week, highlighting the top posts of the previous week. Banners and text links can be placed within each newsletter.
  4. Sponsored posts – Sponsored posts usually come in the form of a giveaway. Your brand can furnish the prizes for giveaways, which enables us to highlight it. If your brand is on-topic, we can also do reviews. Brands eligible for reviews are brands based in the Okanagan and/or brands that cater to residents in the Okanagan.
  5. Sponsored Tweets – you can purchase tweets to be sent out to our Twitter audience.
  6. Sponsored Instagram posts – Got an image you want us to share? We can do that, too!

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these advertising opportunities, please contact us at 


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